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Vena MicroAngioscope™

Vena Medical is providing physicians with the world's smallest camera capable of going inside veins and arteries to help them treat stroke.

A whole new perspective.

The distal tip of the Vena Balloon Distal Access Catheter used for mechanical thrombectomies to treat stoke.

The superior solution to distal navigation.

The Vena BDAC™ combines the Balloon Guide Catheters and Distal Access Catheters that are currently used in thrombectomy to remove clots from the brains of stroke victims. Combining these two devices allows the clinician to get the balloon much closer to the clot, which is shown to improve key metrics like First Pass Success Rate, allowing removal of the clot on the first try and leading to significantly better patient outcomes. 

Vena Medical

Vena Medical

809 Wellington Street North, Unit 2
Kitchener, ON N2H 5L6

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